Saturday, June 19, 2010

in the life of a Shatto

Well, we are still here, just too busy to post as you can see. I am finally updating due to some prompting by others.

Quick & concise, so here you go...
- D is healthy, happy and a thriving two year old who is adventurous, outgoing and into everything. The new swingset at Gramma & Grampa's is the new big hit. Just got his hair braided because the fro' was retaining so much heat and I just can't get myself to cut it. So this was a compromise.
-A & L are waiting to come home. We passed court May 10th, but we are still waiting for our I171H immigration paperwork from the U.S.

- Adam & myself are off for the summer, but keeping busy with side jobs.
- Hoping to travel to Ethiopia in July, if everything keeps moving along.
- The dogs are still around, but more neglected everyday( we are so in trouble with them).
-We are still raising support to bring the kiddos home, so if you feel led to give, you can contact us.
- Things needed to take with us to Ethiopia: medical supplies, flattened balls, hand pump, medicines, snacks, goodies for orphange kiddos.

-Having fun hanging out with the kiddo, now that there is more time to since school is out. We visited the Nature Center the other day and he had a blast. He idolizes his Daddy. They are best buddies.

So there you go!

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