Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Days!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We hope that your family had a wonderful holiday. Diesel celebrated this holiday with eating the paper and being dazzeled by the bows. It was so much fun watching him as he didn't care about the present, but rather waited for the paper to be thrown off. He loves crinkly paper. This Christmas he was able to open a drum, a tamborine, a doll, a shopping cart cover, diapers and formula. It was a good haul for him.

This week we have off and Diesel has been enjoying time between daycare and home. We really enjoy the extra time that we get to spend with him during our time off.
He went to the doctor's on Monday and he is now on the growth chart for head circmference, but tettering on the edge of the 5th percentile for length and weight. He has made leaps and bounds improvement since he has been home. He now weighs 16.5 lbs and is 25 inches tall. He got 4 shots and spent Tuesday cuddled close to mama and the tylenol bottle. Poor boy :(

We hope that everyone has a great day and Diesel's off to play with his friends.

- Isaac if you read this, Diesel can't wait for you to come and play :)

Diesel wishes you a rockin' 2009!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Diesel's busy week

Our little one experienced snow for the first time a few days ago. We bundled him up and took him out for about 3.2 seconds. I wonder later what he will think of the white sutff that falls from the sky. (I am still wondering about it too, being a central California girl I am still not accustomed to the cold Missouri weather.)
Adam can't wait for it to snow, he loves the slippery, slushy white mess and can't wait to drive around in it. I don't understand that maddness :)

Diesel was very helpful hanging ornaments on our charlie brown looking tree. Each year my grandparents have given me a ornament, so we have a nice little collection to hang each year. Diesel has one ornament from a teacher friend of ours, but I am sure that won't be the last one he gets this year.

Tonight Diesel was ready to go for drive. He got a new truck sweatshirt(driving attire) and with keys in hand could drive away at any minute. I know that Adam can't wait to share his love of trucks and everything off-road with Diesel.

In the life of a 7 month old, this was a busy week.

oh yea.. I just had to add this picture becuase it already shows him being fed up with all the kisses and snuggles that mama loves to lavish on him. It begins all too soon. His face tells it all.
Those fat, chunky cheeks are just too irresitable.