Thursday, April 30, 2009

can't stop me now

no explaination needed....

Friday, April 24, 2009

cupcakes+ friends= a darn good 1st birthday!

Diesel is 1! Can you believe it??!! We had a BBQ birthday for him on Sunday and it was a great turn out. There was 33 people in our house at some point, it made for a cozy setting. I am glad our friends like sitting on the floor :) I am so glad that everyone got to come spend time with us and celebrate our awesome little man. Thanks everyone!

First cupcake ever! He was hesitant, but then ate with pure delight.

A new toy from Uncle Andrew.

another post soon to come, re: birthday trip to Branson

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

time well spent

We spent a beautiful day at the park with some friends. It was a last minute plan, but turned out to be a wonderful time to gather and refresh a friendship. Diesel had his first egg hunt and he turned out to be a pro. Sebastian graciously shared the egg hunting field with Diesel and they both had a good time.

Diesel has been fighting another ear infection and he has been a tropper. He also is walking more steps by himself when we help him. He still resorts to crawling when wanting to move quickly.
Around the house he is a mess maker. He enjoys finding the one cabinet that has the bags in it and taking every single one out each day. You'd think we'd move them,but it is pure enjoyment for him and it occupies him for a few minutes. He also makes a bee line for the dog food and then stop just short of it and looks back at us. He's a sneeky one!
Well, it will be his 1 year birthday next week and we are celebrating this Sunday with a BBQ. I can't believe that he's been home 7.5 months. He has enriched our lives more that we could have ever expected. Pure JOY!

** Pictures from Rachel( thanks for letting me swipe them from your flickr :) )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our life is always moving

Diesel is on the move, life as we know it is now constantly on the go. He has put 4-5 steps together and he will do more if we trick him by holding a toy in his hand. We crawls mostly everywhere he goes, but when we stand him up, off he goes.

Oh yeah and did I say that my son is a hunk! These converse shoes that our friend Samson bought him literally makes people stop and swoon over how cute they are. Yea, my kid is stylish, just like his dad ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

almost 1

I know it has been a long time since the last post, but a lot has been going on here at the Shatto house.

This Spring break, Diesel and me(Katy) went to California to visit Nana and Poppy. It was a good visit, they really loved on him. While we where there they had a pre 1 year old birthday party. It was wonderful to meet some of my mom's friends and they had a good time with Diesel. There were a couple that are waiting for their daughter from Ethiopia, so it was fun to share tips and stories.

Diesel celebrated with a cornbread cake. My mom also couldn't help herself from taking naked pictures of the boy after his bath. I know that these will be helpful should I ever need to really embaress him later on in life :)

On another note: Diesel is sleeping through the night...can we get a YEA!!! He does wake up, but only for a split second and most of the time he can find his own pacifier and put himself back to sleep. Sometimes Adam has to aid in the retrieval of the pacifier, but no more sleeping on the ground in his room. Also Diesel now has 8 teeth and trust me he uses them. He tends to only bite my shoulder, but ouch it hurts. We are trying our best to teach him that it hurts and not to do it. When I tell him "no-no, no bite" he looks at me and says "no-no". I think he's growing up too fast.

Well, we are off and running, literally he's on the move so I have to go. Ta-ta for now..