Friday, February 27, 2009

can't get enough, well here's more

Can't get enough of this little one. He growing so fast and quickly learning new talents. For all those in far away places, this post will catch you up on what is happening with Diesel. For all others that reguarly see him, this may be redundant, bear with me.

We are dog people, but Uncle Andrew got him this black panther for Christmas and he LOVES it. We call it Kitty, Kitty and it sits on the rail of his crib. He looks for it every morning and waves to it. He also snuggles with it while him and daddy read at night before bed.

Once again it looks like we don't feed him and he has turned to alternate food sources, but really he just likes to blow raspberries on the side of the tub.
Walking with assistance is he FAVORITE thing to do now. He cries when we stop walking and he is not finished yet. This was a day that he cried while the diaper was being changed and right when he got up, he was in a better mood. Needless to say, Adam and I's backs are paying for it.
Bottom's up! He has mastered the sippy cup and when he is finished, he likes to bang it on the tray. Very demanding at times.
Diesel is training for the circus, if you didn't know. Adam and him have a balancing routine and they don't use a net. This is a pre balance shot, but you get the idea. Diesel cracks up laughing while he is balancing in Adam's hand. It really quite amuzing.
Well, you now have been caught up to date.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday marked a big milestone in Diesel's short little life. Yesterday was his 10 month of life and it meant that he had been, to the day, exactly 5 month in the orphange and 5 month at home. Today marks the day that he has been home for more time than he was away from us. We celebrate each day that his smiling face(and sometimes non smiling face) greets us in the morning. He is truly HOME!

Look at the difference being home and knowing you are secure makes. He has gained 15lbs, 7inches and 6 teeth since he has been home.

In this picture, he weighs 6.2lbs and he is 5months old. He was wearing newborn diapers and you can see that they are big on him.

Yes, folks those are jowls on the little one, he doesn't miss a meal.

Yeah for Diesel! We can't imagine life without this precious, precious little bear.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bubbles & Puppies ( not at the same time)

Diesel LOVES the bath. He enjoys playing with a small measuring cup, a large plastic spoon and a rubber duck. Who needs all the expensive bath toys when you can have a spoon in the bath with you. He also loves the bubbles. It's funny to watch him giggle with delight when the soap is added and the bubbles appear. He also freaks out when his spoon goes under the bubbles and he can't find it. He squeals with joy when mama recovers the spoon.

Ride em' cowboy!

Diesel also enjoys the puppies. Joon is thrilled that Diesel is here and she trys to get him to play with her, but he just hits her on her head, she doesn't mind at all. Joon also tries to cuddle on Diesel, but rather she just smoothers him. In the morning, Joon comes in while I am waking D up and when he sees her, he screams and laughs. Vinny just tolerates him, but does sit and lounge near him while he plays. We are very thankful that the puppies like D as much as he likes them.
Diesel also has five teeth now. Two bottom teeth that are really good chompers. Then he has his eye tooth on the top left. His second incisor on the right side of his front tooth and his left front tooth. The top three have broke through and are uickly making their way into his smile.
Here is is putting those teeth to good work nawing on an apple.