Monday, June 29, 2009

+ 365 days

One year ago today we received "the call". One year ago we became parents. One year ago our lives were forever changed. One year ago we had new names; mama & dada. One year ago God placed a little life in our care forever. One year ago we fell in love with this little one.
Diesel Alazar Shatto

Abdisa( lives in MI), Isaac Takiso ( BFF & lives 5 miles away), Diesel Alazar
All three little ones are home!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer so far

Diesel is on the go ALL THE TIME!!! He can't get enough of being outside. He has blisters on his hands and feet from being on the go. This child is busy!
Diesel is starting to be more outwardly expressive about his feelings and what he really wants. This was a meltdown while we were at a fireworks party and he wasn't done with a wagon ride. He let us know that he was not happy with us.

Daddy and Diesel reading his favorite book. He chooses this book everytime. Even when we don't have the book, if we just start to recite the book he stops and listens. He also bounces up and down sometimes with the rhythm of the book.

Diesel enjoys filling up the pool more than he does being in the pool. Go figure!

#1 Daddy! Diesel just absolutly loves his dada. Adam is amazingly patient with him and is completly in love with his son. These two will be great friends!

So I finally got tired of having to blog with every photo( I know I am lame), but I started to load pictures onto flickr so that people can keep up, and I don't have to feel guilty for not blogging. It's a win-win situtation. check out our newest pictures

Sunday, June 14, 2009

H2O+daddy+good weather=a great night at the fountains!

We had a spontaneous pizza picnic with our friends the Denbows at our local FREE water park. The weather was overcast, but warm and there was hardly anyone there. Adam and Diesel had a good time splashing in the water.

Oh yeah, we just got a new camera tonight so better quality pictures will be accompanying our future posts :)