Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clean Water

I challenge all of you to take it upon yourself and think of others this year. I know that many of us are in a money crunch, but after seeing this video about clean water, I couldn't find the donation button fast enough.Please, please, please consider it and think long and hard about donating some change.

Think about not getting that Starbuck's coffee for one month and donate that money to These people are changing lives!!
Think about how much you spend on:
- bottled water
-make up
-new shoes
-daily snacks
-going out to the movies

People around the world are just wanting a clean glass of water, consider being one who helps give them that! If you want to donate go here

I am usually not a spokesperson for charities, but I have found this one to be critical. Clean water could save millions from dying this year.

If you donate, email me with your address and I will send you a treat!
If you don't feel comfortable donating online, you can send you check to me and I will get it there.
- Love and clean water,


Sunday, January 25, 2009

eating and yoga

After eating Diesel does his yoga in his chair or maybe he's trying to tell us he is still hungry.
He loves to eat as evident by his steady weight gain. See the fat rolls on the legs. He's a chunker now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

standing tall

His new trick is standing. He loves the new toy that his friends Kincaid and Jonas brought him. It makes music and that's right up Diesel's alley. He also will cruise around the coffee table if we stand him up at it. Just yesterday, he learned that he can roll over in his crib and grab the crib rail and pull up. He was very proud of himself. He's a quick study!He refuses to crawl, so we predict that he'll be walking sooner than crawling.
Everyone needs a hand sometimes, thanks dad!

Look ma, only one hand!

Whatcha' doing?
Here I go...
Ta Da!!!!

The following picture is quite distrubing, but I had to post it. Does anyone else think The Shining and Jack Nicholson?
Here's Diesel!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

60 degrees & sunny

Yesterday was 60+ degrees outside and today is 39 degrees and very brisk. So we took full advantage of the sun and played outside for almost 3 hours. It was wonderful to sit and just enjoy the sun and my son. He was entertained by the dried grass, which he both ate and felt between his toes. He loved the dry leaves that crunch when he grabs them. Also the very frequent train horm that blows near our house first scared him and then each time after that he would flap his arms and get really excited. Maybe becuase he knows his Papi drives a train.
He also enjoyed the cars and most of all the trucks that would drive by. It was a great time spent outdoors.

Well here is our photo montage of the day. [ I can post multiple pictures of him and not feel guilty becuase readers far away need to keep updated :) Thanks for indulging me.]

Getting ready to head out for time in the sun
I love these little precious wrinkly feetshort sleeves and no socks in January in Missouri...who would have thought

That pouty lip is starting to make appearences when he doesn't like the way things are going.

3.2 seconds later everything is better

Found another cute baby in the mirror

Decided apples are good!

Diesel wishes you warm happy thoughts even if you are knee deep in snow!