Friday, March 12, 2010

life & support

Things here are trudging along like always. We are currently in the process of two more and just found out that Ethiopia made some big changes to their program, so that throws a wrench in our plans, but not in God's plans. Just taking that news one day at a time. Remembering to breathe too.
Diesel is becoming a wonderfully, independant two year old (next month). He definatly shows that he can do it and no help from mama or daddy is needed. He cracks us up constantly and is talking up a storm.
I'll leave you with some shots from everyday life with Mr. Diesel Alazar.
trying to be like daddy growing up too fast mr.chill
(he wanted the flower pink glasses, but we went with blue instead) this is how he walks around some days, why? i have no clue ready for school. he asks to go now.

*Thanks for all the support from everyone. If you want to donate you can do so easily through the paypal button. Thanks