Sunday, October 18, 2009

happenings around these parts...

This is one of his very favorite activity, he LOVES books. Enjoying dried apples. It takes him about 3 minutes to chew each one due to their rubbery texture. It's like watching a dog with peanut butter in its mouth.
D*iesel in his super jammies that Nana & Papa sent him. This is his "cheese" face for picture taking. After putting this apron on he just sat there as if to say "okay mama hurry up and take my picture so I can go and play".

We all have been busy, but we are making it. School, work, Master's classes, side jobs, house projects, adoption going ons, paperwork, laundry that doesn't always get folded, dishes that seem to multiple like rabbits, dogs that don't like the colder weather in the morning and have to be shoved outside, and chasing a 18month old are just some of the happenings around here.