Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Goldilocks here..but there were three little bears

We went as the three little bears and our costumes, as you can very well tell, were homemade. Diesel caught on quick that if he stuck his pumpkin basket out, they would put candy in it. I am sure he will be prepared for next year. Gretting is bubby, Isaac. We went to a Ethiopian gathering at the gym and Diesel had a terrific time. Bouncing, jumping, crawling, running, it wore him out. I think we need to invest in a trampoline at home, he loved bouncing on the big one. He also loved walking off the edge into the foam pit.
On another note, he gave a little girl her first kiss. She was definately surprised and we told Diesel he has to slow down and at least take her on a date first :) Sorry Zoe's parents :)
Playing with daddy at the farm park. We saw horses, ducks, turkeys, cows and pumpkins. Even though the weather was drizzling, we still had fun.