Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

We hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday season!

Quick Santa story: We were in Wal-mrt and there was a santa taking pictures with kids. I specifically avoided him becuase I knew D would be scared. So we were going down the isles and then who should come up from behind and scare the begezzes out of D, no other than the santa that we were trying to avoid. D jumped from the cart basket to up around me neck and then just clung there. the santa just kept talking to him, not clueing in on the fact that D is terrified of him. Anyways, we will just say that his first "santa" expereience may have scared him.

Onto the story behind the picture: Our friend's mom and dad are Santa and Mrs. Claus for the holidays. Larry looks like santa 365 days out of the year. D is so used to seeing him that when they went to change into their outfits, he didn't think twice about sitting with Larry & Carol. Our own personal sitting session with Santa & Mrs. Claus. (thanks larry & carol)

Diesel has been growing faster than a weed. He is talking up a storm and has been adding about 2-4 words per day to his vocabulary. He also has started to exert his independence. He is strong willed, determined and absolutely is a daddy's boy who is showing signs of seperation anxiety again. Glad to know he is typically developing :)

We hope that everyone has a great time with family and friends. Happy New Years too!

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